Complete Data Retrieval, Meta Data Retrieval

Using the parameters 'feed' and 'layer' together will retrieve Reuters data that is '|' section delimited, '~' segment delimited and '*' element delimited.

'layer=meta' will retrieve the meta data about the reuters feed. Information on how to find the available 'feed' values can be found here.

Example Link:

What that link returns will look like this if viewed in a browser:

mt*Reuters: Top News**en-us*Fri, 07 Nov 2014 01:00:42 GMT*Fri, 07 Nov 2014 01:00:42 GMT*5*Reuters: Top News**|

Element Names:

ID mt00 mt01 mt02 mt03 mt04 mt05 mt06 mt07 mt08 mt09
Name layer_code title link language pubDate lastBuildDate ttl imageTitle imageURL imageLink
Data Type token string anyURI language datetime datetime nonNegativeInteger string anyURI anyURI