Complete Data Retrieval, High Verbosity Data Retrieval

Using the parameters 'feed' and 'layer' together will retrieve NASA data that is '|' section delimited, '~' segment delimited and '*' element delimited.

'layer=high' will retrieve the NASA feed items in a long form for all of the items contained in the nasa feed. Information on how to find the available 'feed' values can be found here.

Example Link:

What that link returns will look like this if viewed in a browser:

hi*00*After more than 15 productive years in orbit, the U.S./German GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite mission has ended science operations.**01*Media accreditation is open for launch of the next SpaceX commercial cargo resupply services mission to the International Space Station, currently targeted for no earlier than December.**02*NASA has awarded 24 Multiple Award Construction Contract Two (MACC-II) contracts to 20 small businesses and four under full and open competition to large firms for general construction services at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and several other agency locations.*|

Element Names:

ID hi00 hi01 hi02 hi03
Name layer_code item description guid
Data Type token token string string