HTTP Headers

Response Headers

Always Returned

  • X-API-Resource: The API resource that was called.
    • X-API-Resource: current
  • X-API-Version: The version of the API.
    • X-API-Version: 2017.11.23.01
  • X-API-Response-Content-Length: How many characters are returned by the API.
    • X-API-Response-Content-Length: 726

Returned If The Current Weather API Was Successful

  • X-API-ICAO: The weather station whose current observations were successfully downloaded.
  • X-API-Suggested-Pickup: When NOAA's National Weather Service thinks is the best time to retrieve fresh observations.
    • X-API-Suggested-Pickup: 15 minutes after the hour
  • X-API-Suggested-Pickup-Period: How many minutes should be between attempts to retrieve fresh observations.
    • X-API-Suggested-Pickup-Period: 60