Complete Data Retrieval, High Verbosity

Using the 'icao' and 'layer' parameters together will retrieve weather data that is '~' segment delimited and '*' element delimited.

'layer=high' will retrieve the current weather data in a semi-structured natural language format. Information on how to find the ICAO code can be found here.

Example Link:

What that link returns will look like this if viewed in a browser:

hi*Los Angeles, Los Angeles International Airport, CA*Last Updated on Feb 13 2016, 8:53 am PST*Patches Fog*58.0 F (14.4 C)*93*Calm*55.9 F (13.3 C)***6.00*~

Element Names:

ID hi00 hi01 hi02 hi03 hi04 hi05 hi06 hi07 hi08 hi09
Name layer_code location observation_time weather temperature_string relative_humidity wind_string dewpoint_string heat_index_string windchill_string
Data Type token token token token token integer token token token token

ID hi10 hi11
Name visibility_mi icon_url_name
Data Type decimal anyURI